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While the landlord is responsible for maintenance of systems at your new home, there are certain expectations from you as a tenant. To ensure that your stay in your new home will be a pleasant one, we would like to give you a list of common maintenance issues with troubleshooting steps (this will of course also expedite the handling of these very common household maintenance issues). These are some of the issues that you are expected to be able to fix on your own before filing a maintenance request:

Change Air Filters

Check If Gas Meter Is Locked

Common Electrical & GFCI Outlet Issues

Garbage Disposal Issue

Toilet Backing Up

Mildew in Bath / Shower

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Maintenance Request

Please note that if you still require a vendor out we will of course send someone but please be aware that if determined that you could have resolved the issue on your own, you will be responsible to pay the fee for that vendor.