Property Intake Process 

By Sapir Realty   |   March 9, 2023   |   Blog post

property intake process

Sapir Realty specializes in the rental and sale of commercial real estate. But before our team can begin to market a property, there is a property intake process that must first be completed. Through this process, we work with the owner to gather all the necessary information needed to list a property and make sure it is ready for the market. Let’s take a closer look at how our team approaches property intake.  

Step One – Initial Assessment 

The first step of the property intake process involves an initial assessment by our team. We will request that all current owners provide us with relevant documents related to the property. During this step, we will also inspect the property and note its condition inside and out. This helps us determine what repairs or upgrades may be necessary before listing it on the market. 

Step Two – Market Analysis 

After completing the initial assessment, our team will conduct market analysis research. We will look at comparable properties in the area to determine what similar listings are selling for and who might be interested in buying or renting your property. This will help us determine pricing strategies and marketing tactics that can help ensure that your listing receives maximum exposure when it goes live. 

Step Three – Listing Preparation 

Once we have all of this information gathered and analyzed, we can start preparing your listing for launch! We will create a detailed description of your property including photos, videos, floor plans, amenities lists, etc., then optimize it for search engines so potential buyers or tenants can easily find it online. We’ll also use the data collected from our market analysis research to craft attractive pricing packages that appeal to potential buyers or renters while still meeting your financial goals.  


At Sapir Realty, we understand that successfully marketing commercial real estate takes more than just placing an ad online—it requires strategic planning and execution from experienced professionals who know what they’re doing every step of the way. That’s why our team strives to make sure each client experiences a smooth transition during our comprehensive property intake process! With us by your side every step of the way, you can trust that your listing is in good hands from start to finish! For more information, visit our website today!