Benefits of Leasing Section 8 Properties in Atlanta 

By Sapir Realty   |   May 1, 2023   |   Blog post

Section 8 Leasing

If you are a property owner or a landlord in the Atlanta area, you probably know that it can be challenging to find reliable tenants who will take care of your property and pay rent on time. However, leasing section 8 properties might be the solution you’ve been looking for. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of section 8 tenants. Also, we’ll cover how to become a section 8 landlord, and how working with Sapir Realty can streamline the process.

1. Guaranteed Payment

One of the most significant advantages of leasing section 8 properties is the guaranteed payment. Section 8 is a federal housing program that provides rental assistance to low-income families. The program will pay a portion of the tenant’s rent directly to the landlord, ensuring that you will receive payment on time and in full. Moreover, Section 8 tenants are financially stable since their rent is already subsidized, so they are less likely to fall behind on their payments or cause any property damage.

2. Wide Tenant Pool

Leasing to section 8 tenants can provide property owners access to a wider tenant pool. Atlanta has a high demand for affordable housing, and the Section 8 program is a crucial resource for many families. By becoming a section 8 landlord, you can help provide affordable housing options to those who need it and fill any vacant properties quickly.

3. Lower Turnover Rates

Section 8 tenants tend to stay in their homes for an extended period. This means your turnover rates may decrease, and you won’t need to spend as much time and money preparing the property for new tenants. Moreover, since Section 8 tenants are already vetted and approved by the local housing authority, the screening process will be much smoother.

4. Partnering with Sapir Realty

Partnering with a top-notch property management company like Sapir Realty can streamline the process of leasing your property to Section 8 tenants. Sapir Realty has years of experience in the Atlanta area, working with Section 8 tenants and providing exceptional property management services. They also have an extensive network of Section 8 tenants in Marietta, Atlanta, and the surrounding areas.

5. Consistent Rental Income

Ultimately, leasing to Section 8 tenants can provide property owners with consistent rental income. Guaranteed payment from the program is a large benefit. In addition, the reduced turnover rates can help ensure that you will receive a steady stream of rental revenue. Additionally, since Section 8 tenants tend to be long-term renters, you won’t need to worry about unanticipated gaps in your rental income.


Leasing section 8 properties in the Atlanta area can be a profitable and rewarding experience for property owners. Guaranteed payment, a wide tenant pool, lower turnover rates, and partnering with Sapir Realty can contribute to a reliable rental income. Are you interested in leasing your property to Section 8 tenants? If so, call us at (470)-766-0586 today to speak with our experts!